About Us

About Us

The begining was in 1972, when the founder Khalil Awad established Scientific Library and that was the launching in the space of words.

Today the family, despite all the challenges and fears in investing in Lebanon due to the financial instability and political situation, Millennium Paper Product trusted Lebanon, and decided to take off from Byblos, the city of alphabet, after their successful and ongoing experience and journey in Algeria since 2000.

Using modern technologies and international machines From German, Swiss and British origin.

MPP’s products are distinguished in the Lebanese and Arab market, by their high quality, competitive prices, precision in finishing and packaging.

Our brand MPP is designed with a fastidious eye for detail and come in a wide variety of sizes, formats and color combinations.

Mpp is designed to suit every need- school, office, home, personal use.

The total built-up area of the ISO-certified factory is 9,000 square meters (m2), and is inclusive of three floors.

The Production capacity of the factory is expected to reach 40,000 copybooks and 20,000 books per day.

Printing and Binding services are also provided in house.

The factory is expected to create 200 full time jobs.

MPP is to suit every need- school, office, home, personal use.